Administration Module

Manages the profile of the student and his or her family. Allows you to analyze your center's statistics for administrative decision-making.

Administration module
  • Create unlimited profiles and users.

  • Complete customizable data sheets with user information.

  • Manages pending documents.
  • Manage permissions for each type of user.

  • Check system usage statistics.

  • Consult the information of each family.

  • Keeps track of who is responsible for each student and their contact information.

  • Access activity logs for audits.

  • Keep daily backup copies.

  • Integrate other platforms with Phidias.

Administration module

Attendance control

Allows the teacher to record student absences from class. Likewise, the group director will be able to keep track of absences at school. Obtain reports of the number of absences students have for each of the periods. Access each student's absence history to consult all the details regarding absences.

Phidias is integrated with the UNTIS and Peñalara timetable systems, which allows the generation in each of these platforms of the corresponding timetables for all academic groups and the visualization of the timetables from Phidias.

Medical record

Collects and consults medical information of the users. Knows data such as: vaccination schedule, emergency information, personal and family history, among others. Easily rearrange, edit or modify the sections and fields of the medical record.

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